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NxtGen Dry Food Dispenser

$78.36 $78.36
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Whether you would like to add grains or cereal (or even pet food), upgrade your kitchen by adding this dry food dispenser!

Either mount to the wall or leave it standing, the NxtGen Dry Food Dispenser allows you to easily pour yourself a bowl of whatever you so please without having to fidget through your cupboard!


  1. Made of safe security PP plastic material, non-damageable and assures food will stay fresh.
  2. A simple elegant appearance.
  3. You can get what you need instantly with its transparent body. Just press to get food out without any mess!
  4. Easy stick-on installation with super strong holding power, use it on wall or the refrigerator door and save yourself a lot of space!
  5. Large volume (10 Kg) for containing various cereals, rice, grain, beans, flour, etc. 

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